James Blackshaw - Litany Of Echoes [2008]

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

1 Gate Of Ivory (5:20)
2 Past Has Not Passed (12:38)
3 Echo And Abyss (12:10)
4 Infinite Circle (5:54)
5 Shroud (11:44)
6 Gate Of Horn (5:21)

James Blackshaw's previous albums featured his John Fahey-inspired guitar playing, but much like Fahey himself, Blackshaw is not the sort of performer who enjoys being tagged with a single identification. So LITANY OF ECHOES downplays Blackshaw's sterling guitar work to include lengthy tracks composed and performed on piano and violin, as well as an increased use of subtle effects to enhance the hypnotic drone effects of songs like the alternately lulling and unsettling 13-minute epic "Past Has Not Passed."



VBR - V1

The Owl Service - A Garland of Song [2008]

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

1 A Garland Of Song (Folk Revival) (2:13)
2 Child Ballad No.49 (Or The Rolling Of The Stones) (2:59)
3 Hoodening (2:10)
4 The North Country Maid (2:39)
5 Katie Cruel (3:21)
6 The Lammas (1:46)
7 Oxford City (Or The Jealous Lover) (2:55)
8 Turpin Hero (4:09)
9 The Dorset Hanging Oak (6:33)
10 Apple Tree Man (3:08)
11 Child Ballad No.219 (The Gardener Child) (5:16)
12 Corn Dollies (1:26)
13 Flanders Shore (4:44)

The Owl Service was formed by Steven Collins on 6th June 2006 as a vehicle to explore his love of British films and television of the 1960s and 70s, the great outdoors and the sound of the English folk revival.

A Garland Of Song was recorded and mixed almost entirely at home, with a group of like-minded collaborators, between December 2006 and June 2007; it fuses traditional British folk ballads with elements of psychedelic rock, occasionally bordering on a doom-laden garage sound, and is interspersed with Steven's original instrumental compositions. It recalls the great acid-folk bands of the late '60s/early '70s but never once sounds contrived or overtly retro - nobody has approached trad folk quite like this for over 30 years.



192 kbps

Loreena Mckennitt - An Ancient Muse (2006)

Friday, December 12, 2008

Something a bit different this time, an amalgamation of new age and world music styles with of course, a folk leaning. Incredible album, this.

“Tell me, O Muse, of those who travelled far and wide”

Aptly, it is an echo of Homer’s timeless Odyssey that introduces Loreena McKennitt’s seventh studio recording, the latest volume of a project she describes as “musical travel writing”. This time, the journey takes her in search of the Celts’ easternmost paths, from the plains of Mongolia to the kingdom of King Midas and the Byzantine Empire. Along the way, she muses on the concepts of home, of travel in all its incarnations, of the cultural intermingling that underpins human history and our universal legacies of conflict and hope. - quinlanroad.com

Label - Quinlan Road


1 Incantation
2 The Gates of Istanbul
3 Caravanserai
4 The English Ladye and the Knight
5 Kecharitomene
6 Penelope's Song
7 Sacred Shabbat
8 Beneath A Phrygian Sky
9 Never-ending Road (Amhrán Duit)

Grab the CD here.

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Marissa Nadler - Four Track Recordings, Outtakes [2005]

Thursday, December 11, 2008

01 - Flora Barone Queen of the Vaudeville Throne [4:41]
02 - Box of Cedar [4:19]
03 - Famous Song [4:06]
04 - Annabelle Lee [5:13]
05 - Black Hole Infinity [1:24]
06 - Chelsea Hotel #2 [2:23]
07 - Ashes [2:24]
08 - Days of the Dead [1:10]
09 - Strange [1:53]
10 - Battle Hymn of the Republic [1:51]
11 - As I Lay in Death My Son [4:32]
12 - Lily, Henry, and the Willow Trees [3:34]


320 kbps

Arborea - Arborea [2008]

Friday, November 28, 2008

1 Forewarned
2 Red Bird
3 Ides of March
4 Seadrift
5 Black Mountain Road
6 Dark Horse
7 Leaves Among the Ruins
8 Dark Is the Night, Cold Is the Wind
9 Swan
10 Echo of Hooves
11 Plains of Macedonia

Arborea is a Maine-based husband and wife duo that creates earthy, spirited music with a hearty nod toward folk music of the past. Really, their music is a strong mix of old-world and American folk traditions, with a smattering of other elements, both modern and antique. For their sophomore album, Buck and Shanti Curran incorporate vocals, guitars, banjo, violin, and percussion into their beautiful works. Their previous album was called "Wayfaring Summer," but this self-titled effort seems to evoke the fall season with its deep, brooding music and melancholy sound. - Foxy Digitalis

Modern Psych Folk. Gorgeous vocals accompanied by haunting melodic banjo, slide guitar, and cello.

I was asked by Arborea's management to remove the link to the full album.
Understandably, they're concerned about people only downloading the album and not bothering to purchase it.
I respect the right of the band to not have their album available for free here, even if it was meant for promotional purposes.
Please go to their myspace page, listen to the samples, and buy the album!

- S.E.


Autumn Grieve - Terra Infinita (EP, 2007)

"Ethereal folk with a classical sensibility". Autumn Grieve is probably my favourite discovery this year, beautiful stuff.

It would be impossible to describe Autumn's music without mentioning Kate Bush - though more from depth of feeling rather than a direct link. Her first release for bedroom-run label Rusted Rail feels deeply feminine, steeped in emotion, offering a unique take on the world of pastoral folk. Autumn's breathy vocals serve as another instrument within the layers of delicate guitar, and careful strings. The result is individuality in a genre that has become heavily loaded of late. Essential. - Rough Trade

Label - Rusted Rail


1 Flown
2 The Balance and the Beauty
3 Today the Rain
4 The Borrowed Light of Memory

Grab the EP here - http://www.rustedrail.com/autumn2.html

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Jack Rose - Kensington Blues (2005)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Something a little more upbeat this time. Jack Rose plays psychedelic ragtime folk in a ridiculously fast and complex fingerpicking style. On a mission to revive the traditions of ragtime, Mr. Rose plays the acoustic guitar like noone else I've ever heard.

His tools are firmly those of the past. While the new century's novel folk has already seen significant definition, Rose is largely alone in talking new century ideas with the old language.
Thus, Kensington Blues is derivative and at the same time nearly brilliant. The styles Rose employs are diverse: twelve-string virtuoso shows, a slide guitar that alludes as much to the sitar as to the blues, solid traditional Takoma ragtime and folk. Out from latter comes a Fahey cover, "Sunflower River Blues", which (not surprisingly) works as the soil from which the rest of the record grows. The original was predicated on Fahey's impeccable timing; Rose's take amplifies the feeling and melody, and then runs with it. Hence the stunning "Kensington Blues", a song full of clarity and syncopation, elegant and well composed. Two others, "Rappahanock River Rag" and "Flirtin' with the Undertaker", are less weighty, more jaunty deliveries of Rose's signature modern ragtime.

But Rose is more than a traditionalist, and the other tracks on Kensington Blues veer sharply into newer territory. "Cathedral et Chartres" uses twelve strings to abstract the melodic clarity so abundant elsewhere on the record, speeding it up and then sending it into a droning, buzzing finale. This idea is fully worked out in his closer, "Calais to Dover", in which Rose transfigures the raga into a kind of Dream Music, deep listening project, vibrating his way past individual notes and sequences and arriving at something more akin to pure tone and texture. The minimalist affinity is no coincidence: Rose's folk is not the least bit free, even as he explores freak sonic terrain, and control is his technique, no matter how many notes he stacks. - Pitchfork

Label: VHF Records/Beautiful Happiness


1 Kensington Blues
2 Cross the North Fork
3 Cathedral et Chartres
4 Rappahanock River Rag (For William Moore)
5 Sunflower River Blues
6 Now That I'm a Man Full Grown II
7 Flirtin' with the Undertaker
8 Calais to Dover

Grab the record here

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Ilona V - Good Morning (Single, 2007)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It just don't get much more stripped down than this - listening to 'Good Morning' by Ilona V is like stepping into a secret garden where everything is serene and pure, a place devoid of clutter, a life-giving place to re-energise and rejuvenate, an oasis in a parched desert. Accompanied by nothing much other than succulent, punctuative acoustic guitar, a couple of bars of harmonica and cello and the occasional percussive interjection, Ilona lets her beautifully sensitive, gentle voice carry you to a better, more fulfilling place.

'Good Morning' and its two 'B' sides, 'Universe Arms' and ' Who Can Tell?' are like a breath of fresh air in an oppressive smog, a drink from a crystal clear stream when you're surrounded by stagnation and pollution. Ilona V has turned urban, poetic music back on its head - she's returned to basics, to a time when lyrics mattered, to a time of evocative words, sympathetic accompaniment and sparse, empathetic arrangements. Ilona's music may sound a little morose at times but somehow, and I think it's through her musical honesty and sense of downhome-ness, she still manages to be uplifting and refreshing. - Toxic Pete

7" on Bracken Records.


1 Good Morning
2 Universe Arms (Demo)
3 Who Can Tell? (Demo)

If you're quick, you can still get a copy of this 7" single from Bracken Records

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Arrowwood & novemthree split EP (2007)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

More of a collaboration than a split, contributing musicians from both groups feature on both sides of the split.

Both projects deal with haunting folk styles, sounds that evoke a sort of timeless atmosphere of poetry and myth. Arrowwood’s contribution weaves an almost ambient haze of melancholic moods, which, lead by vocalist Chelsea Robb (with accompaniment from Pythagumus, Lindsey Hoffman, Josh Lovejoy), transports you to a time when haunting laments were the bread and butter of troubadours everywhere. Meanwhile, Novemthree (spearheaded by Pythagumus) has a sound that evokes memories of the spooky pastoral folk found on The Wicker Man Sountrack.

The EP is a release on the new Little Somebody Records label, who utilizes unique packaging (two mini-CDs with some marvelous graphic design) to create a treasured collectors item. This is music that beckons you towards a dark wood, and you should heed its call. - A Sweeping Curve of Sound
Info like line-up and tracklist omitted to save space, see here.

Larkin Grimm - Parplar [2008]

1. They Were Wrong
2. Ride That Cyclone
3. Blond And Golden Johns
4. Dominican Rum
5. Parplar
6. Durge
7. Be My Host
8. Mino Minou
9. My Justine
10. Anger In Your Liver
11. All The Pleasures In The World
12. Fall On My Knees
13. How To Catch A Lizard
14. The Dip
15. Hope Of The Hopeless

Parplar is the Young God debut from the fabulous itinerant force of nature Larkin Grimm. She’s got an elemental voice that comes from somewhere under the earth. She alternately moans like a woman-in-full, wails like a banshee, or coos like a crazed little girl, depending on her mood. Parplar was co-produced by Michael Gira (Devendra Banhart, Akron/Family, Angels Of Light, Swans) and Larkin Grimm. It was recorded at Old Soul Studio in Catskill NY, with additional recording at Seizure’s Palace in Brooklyn and mixed at Trout Recording, Brooklyn. Larkin’s risen to the occasion on this one – really found herself as a singer, and it features absolutely stellar vocal performances of songs that are sometimes soulful, whimsical, sensual or bizarre. The production is as varied and unpredictable as Larkin herself.




Meg Baird, Helena Espvall & Sharron Kraus - Leaves From Off The Tree [2006]

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

1 Bruton Town (5:39)
2 Barbry Ellen (5:47)
3 Furtune My Foe (3:38)
4 Willie Of Winsbury (9:17)
5 The Nightingale (3:11)
6 John Hardy (3:38)
7 The Derry Dems Of Arrow (3:33)
8 Now Westlin' Winds (5:32)
9 False Sir John (7:18)

Leaves From Off The Tree is a three-way project of Sharron Kraus with Meg Baird and Helena Espvall from Espers. This is a beautiful recording of traditional folk material, with the most stunning singing and arrangements of some of England and Appalachia's finest songs. "The songs on this record were recorded after many an evening swapping songs (and beers!) in Fishtown, Philadelphia, where Sharron had moved from her native England, and Meg and Helena were already installed. Meg and Sharron both had traditional music backgrounds and would meet up and teach each other Appalachian and English ballads, and improvise harmonies and alternate melodies. At some point Helena was invited along and her voice and cello added a rich new layer. We wanted to record the songs in a way that would capture the relaxed atmosphere of our gatherings, so we recorded all nine songs live in one afternoon." Comes in a deluxe white gatefold sleeve complete with notes of each track.


vbr ~210 kbps

Sharron Kraus - The Fox's Wedding [2008]

Monday, October 27, 2008

1 Brigid
2 Green Man
3 In The Middle Of Summer
4 July Skies
5 Harvest Moon
6 Would I
7 The Prophet
8 Thrice Toss These Oaken Ashes
9 Robin Is Dead
10 Ruthless And Alone
11 Made My Home
12 Magpie Child

Sharron Kraus is a singer/musician/songwriter with a gift for beautiful and heartbreaking songs from a deep-seated storytelling mythology. Her music is rooted in the Folk traditions of England and Appalachia. Her songs are characterized by soil-rich vocals, haunting banjo, fine acoustic guitar, and visionary wordcraft. Kraus' songs are populated by a carnival array of fatally charismatic characters, telling tales of enslavement, perversion, incest, obsession, love and death whereas her live performances are stark, compelling, and delicate. She is like the roving storyteller, bringing tales of terror, sadness and joy to a stranger's hearth on a dark and stormy night. The Fox's Wedding offers eleven original songs and a cover of 'Trice Toss These Oaken Ashes' written by Thomas Campion.



192 kbps

Alela Diane - The Pirate's Gospel (2006)

This album plays like an autobiography of everything this remarkable young woman has experienced: a place where deep woods meet winding rivers; where rural traditions are not the curiosities of bourgeois hipsters, but rather, a way of life. enchanting and endearing in equal parts, this album will endure long after this year is done. - Roughtrade
Traditional folk with a hint of country and the North American South. Originally self-released in 2004, this release with two bonus tracks on Holocene Music/Names Records.


1 Tired Feet
2 Rifle
3 Pirate's Gospel
4 Foreign Tongue
5 Can You Blame The Sky
6 Something's Gone Awry
7 Pieces Of String
8 Clickity Clack
9 Sister Self
10 Pigeon Song
11 Oh My Mama
12 Heavy Walls (Bonus Track)
13 Gipsy Eyes (Bonus Track)


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The Battle of Land and Sea - The Battle of Land and Sea [2008]

Sunday, October 12, 2008

1. Saltwater Queen
2. Birdsong
3. Beautiful Ones
4. Harden My Heart
5. Six Days
6. I Built the Sea
7. Lady
8. You Are a Sailor

To describe the sound of The Battle of Land and Sea, one might call up images of abandoned sea-worn ships floating through a thick coastal ... (more) fog. And upon first listen you might call to mind Cat Power, or the soft glow of Songs of Green Pheasant. But eventually, you start to hear what makes the music of Portland based Sarah O’Shura so special. You get a glimpse of a world through the eyes of someone on a musical pilgrimage, whether the tales are laden with sorrow or joy, they are enchanting and hopeful.


320 kbps

Castanets - First Light's Freeze [2005]

Saturday, October 11, 2008

1 (The Waves Are Rolling Beneath Your Skin) (0:28)
2 Into The Night (4:03)
3 A Song Is Not The Song Of The World (3:56)
4 Good Friend, Yr Hunger (2:03)
5 (We Drew Uncertain Breath) (0:28)
6 Bells Aloud (4:50)
7 First Light's Freeze (2:16)
8 Evidence (A Mask Of Horizon, Distortion Of Form) (0:55)
9 No Voice Was Raised (5:17)
10 (Migration Concentric) (0:31)
11 All That I Know To Have Changed In You (3:53)
12 Dancing With Someone (Privilege Of Everything) (3:00)
13 Reflecting In The Angles (1:45)

A dark, mutant-country sound infused with strands of free-jazz and a late-70's Nashville big-radio strut hijacked by post-punk unravelers. The result is a beautiful mix of somber reflection, destination-unknown travelogue, and subversive anti-war boogie. "Freeze" confronts the mythology of war and friendship; the close proximity of things painful and pleasurable, and the complications of this as a paradigm for the world. Castanets suggest artistic geography as transcontinental as Merle Haggard, Albert Ayler, Television, and Richard and Mimi Farina.



320 kbps

Mountain Home - Mountain Home [2007]

Thursday, October 9, 2008

1 The Sparrow (5:10)
2 Battle, We Were (10:42)
3 Comes, The Winter (7:10)
4 Omie Wise (7:25)
5 Nottamun Town (6:59)

Mountain Home is Marissa Nadler, Greg Weeks, Maragret Wienk, Ilya Monosov, Joshua Blatchley and Kristen Sherer. Highly underrated, and quite unknown. Fans of slow and melancholic folk music will appreciate this album.



192 kbps

Josephine Foster - This Coming Gladness [2008]

Saturday, October 4, 2008

A1 The Garden Of Earthly Delights
A2 The Lap Of Your Lust
A3 Lullaby To All
A4 I Love You & The Springtime Blues
A5 All I Wanted Was The Moon
B1 Waltz Of Green
B2 Sim Não
B3 Second Sight
B4 A Thimbleful Of Milk
B5 Indelible Rainbows

Colorado born Josephine Foster has practically defined what it means to be an outsider folk singer. Initially with Born Heller and then solo and accompanied by the Supposed, her unsettling soprano and way with a song takes the eerie otherness of those early Appalachian ballads and brings them, whispering, into our dreams.

The Coming Gladness brings the folk aesthetic that Josephine has explored in her recent albums to the psyche rock territory of her recordings with the Supposed. This intense, uncompromising music is the looming badlands landscape lit by the charged lightning strikes of an extraordinary voice.



320 kbps

Ex Reverie - The Door Into Summer [2008]

Saturday, September 27, 2008

01 Second Son (6:57)
02 The Crowning (4:31)
03 Dawn Comes For Us All (6:45)
04 The Years (5:16)
05 Days Away (4:20)
06 Cedar (8:57)
07 Clouds? Or Smoke? (6:30)
08 Wooden Sword (4:28)
09 Cedar, Pt. 2 (2:29)


192 kbps

Fern Knight - Fern Knight [2008]

1 Bemused (4:48)
2 Silver Fox (7:40)
3 Sundew (3:31)
4 Loch Na Fooey (5:05)
5 Hawk Mountain (4:49)
6 Synge's Chair (7:43)
Magpie Suite
7 Prelude (3:42)
8 Part II (4:39)
9 Part III (4:18)

The new recording highlights the sonic cohesion of the quartet, featuring longtime member Jesse Sparhawk on harp and electric bass, Jim Ayre on Flying V and drums/percussion and noted Sun Ra scholar James Wolf on violin. The calm surface of harp, cello and violin are juxtaposed against the perfectly timed distorted squalls of a Flying V with the grounding blanket of electric bass underneath. All throughout is a dark undercurrent of lyrical and vocal mystery.

The overall effect is a lush and pastoral ode to all things living, a running theme that winds through the lyrics: "All is lost / and all will run / over graying ground / to the rays of the sun," sings Wienk in the album's closing track "Magpie Suite: Part III." The spirit conveyed on Fern Knight (vhf #110) is that of a beautiful green age in an apocalyptic landscape about to be laid to dust and its struggle to escape this end.



320 kbps

Espers - Espers [2004]

Saturday, September 20, 2008

1 Flowery Noontide (4:10)
2 Meadow (4:11)
3 Riding (4:09)
4 Voices (3:44)
5 Hearts & Daggers (8:34)
6 Byss & Abyss (6:03)
7 Daughter (3:03)
8 Travel Mountains (6:30)


320 kbps

Vetiver - Vetiver [2004]

1 Oh Papa
2 Without A Song
3 Farther On
4 Amour Fou
5 Pajaros Del Rio
6 Amerilie
7 Arboretum
8 Angels' Share
9 Luna Sea
10 Belles
11 On A Nerve



Emily Jane White - Dark Undercoat [2007]

Saturday, September 13, 2008

1 Bessie Smith 3:28
2 Hole In The Middle 3:27
3 Dark Undercoat 4:58
4 Dagger 5:13
5 Time On Your Side 2:23
6 The Demon 5:50
7 Sleeping Dead 4:32
8 Blue 4:29
9 Wild Tigers I Have Known 4:19
10 Two Shots to the Head 4:19


192 kbps

The Valerie Project - The Valerie Project [2007]

Friday, September 12, 2008

1 Prelude (0:44)
2 Introduction (2:26)
3 Torchlight (3:10)
4 Grandmother (4:58)
5 A Letter (2:03)
6 Tree Of Life (1:39)
7 The Sermon (1:32)
8 Eagle's Theme (2:19)
9 Dungeon (2:57)
10 Fire Fountain (3:00)
11 The Feast (3:22)
12 Dove, Pearl, Priest (2:31)
13 Vampires (2:57)
14 Eagle's Theme (Reprise) (2:25)
15 The Crypt (0:57)
16 Elisa (3:12)
17 Machine Room (3:06)
18 Bookshelf Serenade (1:21)
19 Flower Girl (1:00)
20 Blood Sacrifice (3:31)
21 The Crypt (Reprise) (2:31)
22 A Second Letter (0:55)
23 Hedvica (2:11)
24 Burned At The Stake (2:53)
25 Den Of Iniquity (3:16)
26 An End To Enchantment (0:55)
27 A Final Letter (3:13)
28 Death And Rebirth (2:04)
29 Reunion (6:32)
30 Crib (0:20)

"Víèzslav Nezval could hardly have imagined the future incarnations of his 1945 book Valerie and Her Week of Wonders. Inspired by its folklore guise and transgressive symbolism, fellow Czech Jaromil Jires condensed Nezval's novella into a staggeringly beautiful celluloid fantasy which mirrored the aesthetic and radical consciosness of the 60s counter-culture which birthed it. Thirty-eight years after it's initial release ten Philadelphian musicians, bound by a love of the film and its original score, worked to compose an alternate soundtrack. The result is a celebration of the impact Valerie and Her Week of Wonders has had on the Folk/Rock Movement and a tribute to the culture that today sustains it." - Greg weeks


256 kbps

Samara Lubelski - The Fleeting Skies [2004]

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

1 The Fleeting Skies
2 Keeper Of Beauty
3 Guarding The Sun
4 Under The Gaze
5 Waiting By The Gate
6 Immortal Design
7 Follow You
8 The Boy Who Bought The Cosmos
9 Now's Morning's Calling
10 Crowns And Courts


vbr ~202 kbps

Alela Diane - Forest Parade [2003]

1. brown dirt.
2. red tin roof.
3. her garden.
4. unraveling.
5. the snow.
6. in your voice.
7. you.
8. blue swallows.
9. the axe.
10. clothesline.
11. i'm sorry.
12. strong daughter.
13. for tonight.


320 kbps

Six Organs Of Admittance - Dust & Chimes

Saturday, September 6, 2008

1 Stone Finders Verse I (1:35)
2 Assyria (3:02)
3 Hollow Light Severed Sun (5:29)
4 Tukulti Will Burn (1:13)
5 Blue Sun Chiming (2:41)
6 Oak Path (3:49)
7 Black Needle Rhymes (5:38)
8 Sophia (3:47)
9 Journey Through Sankuan Path (10:49)
10 Stone Finders Verse II (1:38)
11 Dance Among The Waiting (7:18)

Reissue of CD on Pavilion Records, originally released in 1999 in an edition of 500


192 kbps

Fursaxa - Alone In The Dark Wood [2007]

1 Intro (0:17)
2 Lunaria Enters The Blue Lodge (3:25)
3 Bells Of Capistrano (2:48)
4 Drinking Wine In Yarrow (1:27)
5 Black Haw (3:18)
6 Clé Elum (1:49)
7 Alone In The Dark Wood (4:36)
8 Nawne Ye (2:20)
9 Sheds Her Skin (3:47)
10 In The Hollow Mink Shoal (3:21)
11 Rattling The Calabash (4:07)
12 Birds Inspire Epic Bards (2:04)
13 Of Tubal Cain (2:24)

vbr ~241 kbps

Orion Rigel Dommisse - What I Want From You Is Sweet [2007]

Thursday, September 4, 2008

1 Fake Yer Death (4:05)
2 Alice And Sarah (3:40)
3 Simon Sent For Me (3:59)
4 A Faceless Death (2:37)
5 Capricorn (4:05)
6 Ashes From Your Burning Wood (2:37)
7 Suicide Kiss (Because Dead) (3:58)
8 A Giver (3:49)
9 Little Neighbor (4:50)
10 Drink Yourself (To Death) (3:41)

192 kbps

White Magic - Through The Sun Door [2004]

1 One-Note (3:13)
2 Don't Need (4:42)
3 Keeping The Wolves From The Door (3:11)
4 The Gypsies Came Marching After (3:12)
5 Plain Gold Ring (5:06)
6 Apocalypse (3:26)

192 kbps

Faun Fables - Mother Twilight [2004]

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

1 Begin (2:44)
2 Sleepwalker (3:37)
3 Shadowsound (5:02
4 Hela (4:33)
5 Traveller Returning (6:21)
6 Train (3:20)
7 Beautiful Blade (4:28)
8 Mother Twilight (7:01)
9 Lightning Rods (3:34)
10 Moth (6:06)
11 Girl That Said Goodbye (4:20)
12 Washington State (Live At The Living Room, NYC Jan '98) (2:17)
13 Catch Me (3:05)
14 Live Old (5:24)

Reissue of the 2001 self released album

256 kbps