Fern Knight - Fern Knight [2008]

Saturday, September 27, 2008

1 Bemused (4:48)
2 Silver Fox (7:40)
3 Sundew (3:31)
4 Loch Na Fooey (5:05)
5 Hawk Mountain (4:49)
6 Synge's Chair (7:43)
Magpie Suite
7 Prelude (3:42)
8 Part II (4:39)
9 Part III (4:18)

The new recording highlights the sonic cohesion of the quartet, featuring longtime member Jesse Sparhawk on harp and electric bass, Jim Ayre on Flying V and drums/percussion and noted Sun Ra scholar James Wolf on violin. The calm surface of harp, cello and violin are juxtaposed against the perfectly timed distorted squalls of a Flying V with the grounding blanket of electric bass underneath. All throughout is a dark undercurrent of lyrical and vocal mystery.

The overall effect is a lush and pastoral ode to all things living, a running theme that winds through the lyrics: "All is lost / and all will run / over graying ground / to the rays of the sun," sings Wienk in the album's closing track "Magpie Suite: Part III." The spirit conveyed on Fern Knight (vhf #110) is that of a beautiful green age in an apocalyptic landscape about to be laid to dust and its struggle to escape this end.



320 kbps


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this, I was really excited to discover this here! The only problem is, I tried several times to download both this and the Ex Reverie, only to find that the files only had 0 bytes on uploadedto, even though the full file size was listed on the page. Any chance these two could be uploaded? Thanks! :)

solitaryeve said...

Thanks for letting me know! No one else said anything, so I had no idea. I re-uploaded both albums. Let me know if they work for you. :)