Susan Christie - Paint A Lady [1970]

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

1 Rainy Day
2 Paint a Lady
3 For the Love of a Soldier
4 Ghost Riders in the Sky
5 Yesterday, Where's My Mind?
6 Echo in Your Mind
7 When Love Comes
8 No One Can Hear You Cry

30 years ago, a Philly based folk singer named Susan Christie was dropped by her record company. After one novelty song, the label bosses didn’t think her melancholy take on country and solitude would ever be of any interest. Five copies of her album were pressed and faded into obscurity. Skip forward to present time, and a small label, ‘Finders Keepers’ salvages three out of these five copies and decides to release it. Susan Christie’s album is a beautiful piece of despondent tales and folky psychedelia. The fascinating thing is that it sounds very current. The title track is reminiscent of Portishead , while other songs incorporate break heavy folk-funk, current DJ’s would die for. Don’t get me wrong, it is an obscure 70’s folk record at its heart, but highly worth listening to today.
FLAC (lossless)

Trees - The Garden of Jane Delawney [1970] (Remastered & Expanded)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

1. Nothing Special
2. The Great Silkie
3. The Garden Of Jane Delawney
4. Lady Margaret
5. Glasgerion
6. She Moved Thro’ The Fair
7. Road
8. Epitaph
9. Snail’s Lament

Bonus Tracks:

10. She Moved Thro’ The Fair (Demo)
11. Pretty Polly
12. Black Widow
13. Little Black Cloud (Suite)

When Trees second album On The Shore was finally released on CD last year - 38 years after its first vinyl issue - the reaction to this lost English psych-folk masterpiece was outstanding. Admired by artists and critics alike, it also made a big impression on merry funksters Gnarls Barkley who sampled the track Geordie on their St Elsewhere album.

On The Shore was the follow up to The Garden Of Jane Delawney. It’s quite fitting that Trees get their debut album reissued after the second has been released; they were bohemians living in Portobello Road who never followed the conventional path. Feasting on records imported into Simon Stable’s Record Store, they immersed themselves in a tapestry of sounds that combined US acts like Spirit, Buffalo Springfield and Quicksilver Messenger Service alongside progressive UK bands like Fairport Convention, Skin Alley, High Tide and Caravan.

Completed in March 1970 and produced by Tony Cox, the original album (half Tobias Boshell originals and half traditional songs) blends a mixture of weird psych twin guitar into lilting folk falling around the dreamy like vocals of Celia Humphris. Then there’s the wonderful The Garden of Jane Delawney track itself, which was later covered by François Hardy and goth shoegazers All About Eve.

The bonus tracks feature original demo versions plus 2 new recordings only available on this remastered album.
AAC @ 320 kbps

Forest [UK] 1968-1971

Starting out as school friends in 1966, the Foresters of Walesby began singing unaccompanied vocal harmony folk tunes in Lincolnshire folk clubs. Dez Allenby, Martin and Adrian Welham soon progressed to writing within the burgeoning psychedelic folk movement in the wake of the Incredible String Band's mid 60's beginnings, finally changing their name to FOREST.

The rare single 'Searching For Shadows' was released in 1969, followed by Forest's debut eponymous album which featured a colourful mix of acoustic instrumentation and rich harmonies, evoking pastoral sound scapes of misty, smoke-filled worlds of olde. 'Full Circle' was released a year later, a more eclectic mix of tracks which saw each member venturing down their own unique avenues. Titles such as 'Bluebell Dance', 'Midnight Hanging of a Runaway Serf' and 'Graveyard' portend the darker offerings explored. By the early 1970's the Harvest label no longer looked to invest in such esoteric musical genres, and in 1972 the trio disbanded.

The seminal albums have since been reissued both on vinyl and CD. Recently the track 'Graveyard' featured on psych-folk compilation 'Gather in the mushrooms' and 'Fading Light' on the 'Strange Folk' compilation CD. Thirty years on, Forest are as moving, stirring and haunting as ever.

Martin is now back as part of psych-folk duo THE STORY with his son Tom. Dez is now recording with his wife Cathy as Southernwood, and Adrian is still writing and adding to his canon of songs to this day.
APE (Lossless) + AAC @ 320 kbps

Twinsistermoon - The Hollow Mountain

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Twinsistermoon is a solo project of Mehdi Ameziane, who is also one half of Natural Snow Buildings. Not really sure how to describe this, psychedelic folk? Post-folk? Anyway, this was released earlier in the year by Dull Knife records on wax, pre-orders are now being taken for the CD version on Blackest Rainbow.

I've uploaded 3 tracks from the album so you can check it out. They were ripped from vinyl so they're slightly low fidelity. Here.

Nancy Elizabeth new album and single

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

So a few months ago I posted Nancy Elizabeth's Battle and Victory. On the 5th October her new album, Wrought Iron, was released. Again on Leaf, it's available on CD, vinyl, and as a digital download. You can grab a copy here.

In addition, the first single taken from the album entitled 'Feet of Courage' has been released as a download with two exclusive remixes, and there's also an accompanying video (Nancy's first vid!) you can check the single out here and the video here. I haven't yet heard the album, but the single sounds really nice.


Hello everyone,

I know it has been quiet on the western front, but I have other duties that have been taking up my time. I hope that the regularity of the posts here will start to pick up slightly in time. As you will have noticed, I'm moving Shaded Moontide away from being your typical mp3 download blog, in favour of news and exposure. I shall still be posting the odd download, namely any rare and out of print material I come across/unearth, and any samples any artists or labels might want to send my way.

A Skin Too Few: The Days of Nick Drake (Documentary, 2000)

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

DVD rip of this film documenting the life and career of Nick Drake. I think originally released and shown in a few select picture houses in 2000, never properly released on DVD. I got this with the re-release of the Fruit Tree boxset ages ago, I always intended to upload it but it slipped my mind until now.
Anyway, this is a high quality XviD encode. I can make the .ISO available to anyone that wants it, send me an email at the address specified in my profile. All I ask is that you make a comment on this post.

Director: Jeroen Berkvens
Length: 48 Minutes
Filming Location: Tanworth-in-Arden, Warwickshire, England.

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5