Autumn Grieve - Terra Infinita (EP, 2007)

Friday, November 28, 2008

"Ethereal folk with a classical sensibility". Autumn Grieve is probably my favourite discovery this year, beautiful stuff.

It would be impossible to describe Autumn's music without mentioning Kate Bush - though more from depth of feeling rather than a direct link. Her first release for bedroom-run label Rusted Rail feels deeply feminine, steeped in emotion, offering a unique take on the world of pastoral folk. Autumn's breathy vocals serve as another instrument within the layers of delicate guitar, and careful strings. The result is individuality in a genre that has become heavily loaded of late. Essential. - Rough Trade

Label - Rusted Rail


1 Flown
2 The Balance and the Beauty
3 Today the Rain
4 The Borrowed Light of Memory
Grab the EP here -

Bitrate - V2

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graaf24 said...

Thanks a lot for this beautiful music. I'm really enjoy listen this EP. It’s great discovery for me too, beautiful stuff indeed. Thanks again.

Pozdrav Graaf

Silveryvisions said...

Glad you like it, thanks alot for the comment. I discovered Autumn Grieve recently when I stumbled across the myspace page, I read the blog about the recording process for the new record and fell in love. So naturally I tried to track down the previous releases too.

I'm still looking for somewhere that is still selling 'Another Window'. I'll of course post it here if I can get hold of it.

graaf24 said...

Thanks in advance,
I already have first half of Another Window
01 Sea-maiden's Daughter
02 Hold a light
beautiful tracks as usually!
Still looking for rest of track!
03 Panes
04 Shine

On her site is a splendid track: The Toll, as you already know!