The Battle of Land and Sea - The Battle of Land and Sea [2008]

Sunday, October 12, 2008

1. Saltwater Queen
2. Birdsong
3. Beautiful Ones
4. Harden My Heart
5. Six Days
6. I Built the Sea
7. Lady
8. You Are a Sailor

To describe the sound of The Battle of Land and Sea, one might call up images of abandoned sea-worn ships floating through a thick coastal ... (more) fog. And upon first listen you might call to mind Cat Power, or the soft glow of Songs of Green Pheasant. But eventually, you start to hear what makes the music of Portland based Sarah O’Shura so special. You get a glimpse of a world through the eyes of someone on a musical pilgrimage, whether the tales are laden with sorrow or joy, they are enchanting and hopeful.

320 kbps