Alela Diane - The Pirate's Gospel (2006)

Monday, October 27, 2008

This album plays like an autobiography of everything this remarkable young woman has experienced: a place where deep woods meet winding rivers; where rural traditions are not the curiosities of bourgeois hipsters, but rather, a way of life. enchanting and endearing in equal parts, this album will endure long after this year is done. - Roughtrade
Traditional folk with a hint of country and the North American South. Originally self-released in 2004, this release with two bonus tracks on Holocene Music/Names Records.


1 Tired Feet
2 Rifle
3 Pirate's Gospel
4 Foreign Tongue
5 Can You Blame The Sky
6 Something's Gone Awry
7 Pieces Of String
8 Clickity Clack
9 Sister Self
10 Pigeon Song
11 Oh My Mama
12 Heavy Walls (Bonus Track)
13 Gipsy Eyes (Bonus Track)

Bitrate - V2

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Anonymous said...

Very beautiful site. Congratulations and thanks a lot for sharing this gorgeous albums. I have a request that I can't find -even trying to buy it as it seems out of catalogue now-. Maybe you could share the marvellous record of The Leaves from the Off Tree with Espval, Kraus and Baird. It would be much appreciated.
Best wishes.

Silveryvisions said...

Thank mr. solitaryeve, I've only just jumped aboard ;) and bloody hell is he on the ball, looks like your request has been uploaded already :P