James Blackshaw - Litany Of Echoes [2008]

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

1 Gate Of Ivory (5:20)
2 Past Has Not Passed (12:38)
3 Echo And Abyss (12:10)
4 Infinite Circle (5:54)
5 Shroud (11:44)
6 Gate Of Horn (5:21)

James Blackshaw's previous albums featured his John Fahey-inspired guitar playing, but much like Fahey himself, Blackshaw is not the sort of performer who enjoys being tagged with a single identification. So LITANY OF ECHOES downplays Blackshaw's sterling guitar work to include lengthy tracks composed and performed on piano and violin, as well as an increased use of subtle effects to enhance the hypnotic drone effects of songs like the alternately lulling and unsettling 13-minute epic "Past Has Not Passed."



VBR - V1


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Beautiful! Thanks