Green Mistletoe - Of Bird's Song and Flower's Breath [2007]

Sunday, January 4, 2009

1. oakwine, birch twigs, and dragon's blood
2. magick song mead of the gibbous moon
3. othilaz on the knaur
4. nicippe
5. like sweet flowers of earliest bloom
6. of bird's song and flower's breath
7. druid's foot
8. the last red apple of the topmost twigs
9. greenwizardbreath through mountainwater
10. wovoka
11. hazelcromm
12. woodspryght
13. dream poliphilo, in obscure wood

VBR - V2


graaf24 said...

Great start in New Year 2009. Very beautiful music indeed! Thanks.


L said...

This is the good old sound of Little Somebody Records. Did you hear on both myspaces of the split between novemthree and the joy of nature?

Anonymous said...

any chance of a reupload?!!!
thanks for all!