Tau Emerald - Travellers Two [2008]

Sunday, January 18, 2009

1 Travellers Two
2 Evening Wings
3 Stoikite
4 Barrowlands
5 Full Moon
6 Pilgrims' Return
7 Henbane
8 Water Divining
9 Bani Caapi
10 Mermaids' Call
11 Laureola

Travellers Two is a full length recording from the duo of Tara Burke (Fursaxa) and Sharron Kraus. Togerther Kraus & Burke create an ethereal record of dark-folk magic.
Tara Burke and Sharron Kraus were due to travel to Finland together for a week but missed the flight, so instead they decided to spend the week recording together and Travellers Two is the result. The time was spent out in the fields, visiting burial mounds, and then coming back to Sharron's home studio to work. They had played previously together and done some recording but this is the first time an album was conceived.




192 kbps