Pollyanna - Whatever They Say I'm a Princess (2004)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"Pollyanna is a French band led by songwriter Isabelle Casier. My first reaction was "woah, Julie Doiron." It does sound like Julie Doiron but a bit less intimate, a bit less low-key, and midway through "Matador", the first song, I changed my mind and decided it sounded more like Nina Nastasia, with haunting cellos, dramatic choruses and careful instrumentation. "You Hold the World in Your Hand" sounds really dark while "Frankenstein" leans more towards Doiron's casual weariness with lyrics like "It's hard to please with a screw stuck in your forehead." "Iron Man" reminds me of Ivy, a bit less exciting and a bit less poppy but she has a great voice and a cute shade of an accent." - Only Angels Have Wings."

DIY bedroom Folk with a soft indie rock flavour.

Label - Eglantine Records


Isabelle Casier - Vocals, acoustic guitar
David Lopez - Drums, arrangements


1 Matador
2 You hold the world in your hand
3 Frankenstein
4 Iron man
5 In my pocket
6 The narrow door
7 Untitled
8 Song for a room
9 Romeos
10 Across the river
11 Goodbye



Buy the CD - http://www.eglantinerecords.com/releases/egl007

Bitrate - V2

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SolitaryEve said...

Sounds good, thanks Silvery!