The Iditarod and Sharron Kraus - Yuletide (2003)

Monday, January 19, 2009

Splendid e-zine review:

You know those times when you put a record on and close your eyes, and then open them again and you can't tell whether you've listened to the record or not? I'm having them more often recently. Partly it's because the day job is getting too intense and I can barely do anything except slump in my chair when I get in. But mostly it's because I'm listening to the Iditarod a lot. Imagine that a band snuck into Heaven and clipped a few blades of grass, took a glassful of water from a river and a handful of earth from a shady corner of God's garden. Once they'd floated back down to earth, they strung their instruments with the grass, passed the water around and took a few sips each and scattered the earth on the floor of the rehearsal room. And then they started to play music, music from the past, music from stone cottages, from fishing villages, from field workers, from the working folk. Folk music. And the music was good. Exceptionally good. It somehow fused the devotion of the true believer with the authenticity of a scholar and the sound of an accordion slowly exhaling. You can't imagine that? No problem, it's out on Elsie and Jack shortly.
- Jimmy Possession

Label: Elsie & Jack Recordings


1 The Trees Are All Bare
2 Lyke Wake Dirge
3 Gift
4 Winter's Spell
5 Wintermute




SolitaryEve said...

Hey SBS, you can upload the artwork directly to blogger, and it will resize it automatically to fit the page. ;)

softblackstar said...

Thanks for the tip.

phil said...

hi there softblackstar - so then, what do you think of this cd?!!!
phil./// elsieandjack