Haruko - Wild Geese (Forthcoming album)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Just thought I would let our readers know of what promises to be an amazing forthcoming LP by German folk musician Haruko (Susanne Stanglow). It's called Wild Geese and it's being released by Bracken Records in the early summer as a limited 12". It's going to be Haruko's first release (I believe), and I only had to listen to a couple of myspace tracks and samples to realise that this is probably going to be the folk release of the year. Get your preorders in now at Bracken Records.




graaf24 said...

You made my day...this is fantastic, so gentle, so fragile! Very beautiful folk music indeed! Video is beautiful too. Thanks a lot.
pozdrav, Graaf

Anonymous said...

Pleasant but nowhere near anything of the year.

A nice debut

Silveryvisions said...

Well, that's certainly subjective. I haven't heard folk songs as fresh and beautiful as these for a long time. Thanks for the comment by the way, nice to see new people getting involved. And you're welcome graaf.

koala lumpur said...

I think this is outstanding, too. The songs are perfectly reduced and her sad timbre is very comforting. I'm a little worried about the vinyl-only release, though. I hope the label will at least provide some high-quality download-option.

Silveryvisions said...

You never know, this being their first time releasing a full length, they could decide to release a CD at a later date or pass it on to another label.

Bracken mentioned us in the latest news post on their site, by the way :)

disconcerted said...

Really looking forward to this one, the tracks on her myspace page are beautiful.
A CD version has been announced as well now.

graaf24 said...

Hi all, Haruko LP/CD-r is in stock and ready to buy!!!

pozdrav, Graaf

Witheringvisions said...

Indeed they are... I got myself a copy and it is as good as I built it up to be.

manally said...

Yes this is very lovely indeed and good luck to Harako. Folk album of the year though? Well who knows, maybe so far, but that accolade will I think be reserved for the forthcoming album by "The Unthanks" "Here's the Tender Coming" I have heard an advance copy and it is stunning particularly in its ambition. Realeased on September 14th


Witheringvisions said...

Thanks very much for the comment, and thanks a lot for the info. I had a quick listen on myspace and wow, this is bloody good. Will definately be picking up a copy of the new album.