Fire On Fire - The Orchard (2008)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

When I heard Fire on Fire's "Amnesia" (from their EP), I was won over by the psychedelic madness that boiled beneath the song's tuneful hook and bizarre lyrics. The band manifested a crazed energy within the confines of their nuanced songwriting and constantly teetered on the brink of chaos. The Orchard sees the band relaxing and focusing their energy on softer tunes and strengthening their songwriting core. With nothing but acoustic instruments at their disposal, the group recalls the spirit of America's early musical tradition by emphasizing strong lyrical topics and melody-heavy songs. Drunken and haphazard frills decorate the record and keep many of the songs from sinking into pure genre worship. This is not slick, romantic Appalachia; Fire on Fire are rugged and lively musicians who emphasize lurching movements and uneven steps. -

Young God Records


1. Sirocco (5:10)
2. Heavy D (4:31)
3. Assanine Race (6:15)
4. The Orchard (4:07)
5. Flordinese (5:29)
6. Hartford Blues (3:31)
7. Toknight (6:13)
8. Squeeze Box (4:14)
9. Flight Song (4:24)
10. Grin (5:03)
11. Tsunami (4:44)
12. Haystack (8:36)

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Silveryvisions said...

Thanks for this SBS, interesting band.

Anonymous said...

This is so brilliant. Thx for upping!