Werkraum - Early Love Music (2008)

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Another modern classic here, Werkraum have a modern take on traditional European folk. Werkraum is Axel Frank, with a multitude of contributing musicians.

Label: Ahnstern


1 Beware The Jabberwock!
2 La Marmotte
3 Ein Lied von Lieb und Treu
4 Santy Ano
5 Slâfest Du, vriedel ziere?
6 Song For Erik
7 The Dream
8 Allgemach
9 Der Schmied (The Blacksmith)
10 Beyond The Evening Star
11 The Smiling Of The Rose
12 Une Jeune Fillette
13 Die rechte Braut
14 Sanctity And Steel

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Somebody from Werkraum got in touch and requested we remove the download link, so it has been removed. We are huge fans of Werkraum and of the other musicians whose material we post, we truly believe that any publicity is good publicity, and that blogs and other filesharing fora are great ways of creating awareness, and introducing people to music that they would otherwise never know existed. We wholeheartedly believe that filesharing helps independent music, rather than hinders it. However, we appreciate the fact that others may not feel the same way. I'm going to leave this post here so if anyone wants to check out Werkraum's music, you can grab a copy of the record via the links above, which of course, we always encourage anyway. You won't be disappointed.


softblackstar said...

Beautiful album, I bought the dlp version.