Thistletown - Rosemarie (2008)

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Well, I only discovered this band the other day, but after doing some research for this post it seems that this album has become somewhat of a classic of romantic pastoral folk in the short time since its release.

They live on a boat in Cornwall, dig nature, and make the most beautiful pre-Raphaelite English romantic music you have ever heard. - Label

Thanks go to Graaf for introducing me to this band. The CD is available from HMV, Amazon etc as well as the label, so I suggest you grab a copy.

Label - Big Bertha


Tiffany Bryant
Andrew Jarvis
Lydia Tweddell
Ben Tweddell
Matthew Bennett


1 Rosemarie
2 Glowworm
3 Under the Trees
4 Dance With the Sea
5 Labyrinth
6 Oak and Ash
7 Moon is a Pearl
8 The Sun is Coming Up

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graaf24 said...

Yes this is very interesting CD, THANK YOU (for all music from the past ... and especially for music in the future).

pozdrav, Graaf

BB said...

Beautiful album. Thanks a lot *-*

BB said...

Beautilful album = )

Have you heard about Gary Higgins?

graaf24 said...

Gary Higgins - Red Hash - 1973 (only one LP), I have CD (re Drag City, 2005).
try h**p://